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Landscape Terminology:

Hardwood Mulch

Double ground premium hardwood bark. This product is very clean and nice ground cover and has proved to be the most practical and cost effective mulch. (No fillers added).

*Living Mulch

70% premium hardwood bark mulch with 30% standardbred compost. A dark rich mulch, great for all plants and also serves as a soil amendment as the compost breaks down. This will enhance your soil and feed your plants. This product is also organic certified.

Color Enhanced Mulches

This is a beautiful mulch that is used primarily as a decoration. It has no nutrient value. It is a popular because it is coarse ground and does not break down as fast as hardwood mulches. Available in red, black, and brown. This mulch does not fade color because it is made from 100% virgin hardwood. The color enhancer is non-toxic.

Playground Chips

This product is made of 100% virgin hardwood and chipped in one inch pieces. Great for playgrounds, home, schools, daycare facilities, dog runs and round pens. The product is ASTM certified for schools, day cares and municipalities.


Screened and blended topsoil that is ready for plant material, seed or sod. No clumps and easy to spread. Contains 50% topsoil, and 50% compost. To figure the total number of yards needed, measure length times width times number of inches deep, then multiply that total by .0031.

*Standardbred Compost

Organic certified product made from sawdust, shavings and horse manure. Dark rich compost that is best when incorporating with existing soil adds nutrients into soil for a great vegetable garden or flower bed. Apply 2-3" deep.

*50/50 Blend

This is one of our most popular products. A mixture of 50% Standardbred Compost and 50% aged Pine bark fines. It can be used as a mulch or a soil amendment. This mixture is great for acid loving plants an favorite for putting plants to bed in the winter. Apply 2-3" deep.

Pine bark Fines

Ground pine bark nuggets. Very fragrant and a beautiful brownish-red color. Great as a mulch or soil amendment. Can be used as a top-dressing for flower pots. Apply 2" deep.

Pine bark Nuggets

Great product for acid loving plants, playgrounds or walking paths. Beautiful brownish-red color that will accent any landscape. Apply 2-3" deep.

Baled Pine straw

Baled pine needles are great for hard-to-grow shaded areas. Beautiful red needles. Sold in bales. One bale should cover approximately 20 square feet.


Thoroughbred Landscape Products
*All starred items are Thoroughbred Landscape Products. We are a proud distributor of these products
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