Lexington, Kentucky
(859) 225-9433

Delivery or Pickup Information

Bring your truck or trailer and allow us to load it up. Or we offer delivery service for our mulch, bulk gravel, and pallet items for a reasonable fee. Delivery area is within a reasonable range of Lexington. Call us for a price.

To avoid potential damage to property and/or equipment, our delivery trucks will not leave a paved or gravel surface.

In accordance with Kentucky Starute 189.150 regarding escaping contents — Shifting or spilling loads: Landscapers Corner will no longer load any products onto open sided trailers or truck beds without tailgates. Trailers are now required to have sides large enough to encase any product loaded. Sides can include temporary wood partitions, tarps or any other effective barrier. We appreciate our customers compliance with this new policy as we work together to keep our roadways safe.